On 6 April 2007, media mogul Arianna Huffington lay face down on the floor of her home office. Blood pooled beneath her from a gash under her eye, her cheek throbbing, the bone fractured. After a busy week, she had just returned home from touring a few potential universities for her eldest daughter when suddenly everything went dark. She had fainted, and her face collided with the corner of her desk on the way down. It’s a story she has recounted several times since she announced her shock resignation from The Huffington Post Media Group to start a new online global wellness platform, Thrive Global. It’s the moment she describes as her ‘wake-up call’.

The incident had her in and out of hospital for the many expensive CAT scans, MRIs and echocardiograms needed to prove the cause behind her sudden collapse – exhaustion. So far in her life, Arianna had reached the pinnacle of success. She had an illustrious career spanning politics, journalism and entrepreneurship; to the outside world, she had it all – a booming business, celebrity influence, accolades, two beautiful daughters, and now – a hospital gown? Something wasn’t right. Without realising it, Arianna’s lifestyle had been quietly killing her.

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