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  • Meeting needs: Amanda Hagan

    Meeting needs: Amanda Hagan

    CEO, Healthcare & Group Executive, Digital of Australian Unity

    Amanda Hagan believes that the future of addressing unmet community needs lies in the integration and digitisation of Australian Unity’s services.

  • Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    CEO of Custom Fleet

    Technology may be responsible for Custom Fleet’s core product being in less demand, but CEO Aaron Baxter is using it to create an even bigger market.

  • The beauty king: KK Chua

    The beauty king: KK Chua

    President Asia–Pacific of Mary Kay Cosmetics

    KK Chua traded Hollywood scripts for lipsticks when he joined Mary Kay Cosmetics. But it’s a decision that, 22 years on, continues to be validated every single day.

  • A winning strategy: John Winning

    A winning strategy: John Winning

    Group CEO of Winning Group

    A 4th generation retailer and award-winning founder of Appliances Online, John Winning knows how to lead with a winning frame of mind.

  • Espresso evolution: Daniel Isaac

    Espresso evolution: Daniel Isaac

    Group General Manager of The Coffee Emporium

    Group GM Daniel Isaac has transformed The Coffee Emporium from a local chain specialising in coffee and cakes into a premium, globally successful coffee brand.

  • Untangling the web: Julie Ryan

    Untangling the web: Julie Ryan

    Managing Director of Custom D

    With Managing Director Julie Ryan at the helm, Custom D has hit its stride, creating customisable, easy-to-use online solutions that help businesses stand out from the crowd. 

  • Dr Richard Ashby

    Dr Richard Ashby

    Chief Executive of Metro South Health

    A computer deciding your treatment and a health professional being alerted when you haven’t taken your medication are two healthcare advances that Dr Richard Ashby is welcoming.

  • Fixing fast food: Mark Hawthorne

    Fixing fast food: Mark Hawthorne

    CEO of Guzman y Gomez

    Founded on philanthropic roots and a philosophy to flip the stigma of fast food on its head, it’s no wonder that Guzman y Gomez Mexican taquerias are being embraced by consumers all over Australia, as well as overseas.

  • Go west: Sam Fayad

    Go west: Sam Fayad

    Managing Director of Dyldam

    While Dyldam helps evolve Parramatta into Sydney’s second city, it’s definitely a labour of love for Managing Director Sam Fayad.

  • Open your world: Andrew Campbell

    Open your world: Andrew Campbell

    Managing Director of Heineken Lion Australia

    Heineken has long been a firm favourite with Australia’s premium beer lovers. Now it’s lifting the bar even higher with a bevy of innovative product launches and partnerships.

  • Greg Columbus 

    Greg Columbus 

    Managing Director of Clarke Energy 

    Among the science and technology and the millions of dollars it takes to extract gas from the core of the earth, Greg Columbus recognises another important core: Family.

  • Come join the circus: Daniel Lamarre

    Come join the circus: Daniel Lamarre

    CEO of  Cirque du Soleil

    Years ago, it revolutionised the circus scene, and today Cirque du Soleil is still coming up with new ways to surprise and delight audiences all over the world.