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  • Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    CEO of Custom Fleet

    Technology may be responsible for Custom Fleet’s core product being in less demand, but CEO Aaron Baxter is using it to create an even bigger market.

  • Drive my Kah: Nicholas Wong

    Drive my Kah: Nicholas Wong

    General Manager of Kah Motor

    While Honda continually showcases ‘the power of dreams’, Singapore distributor Kah Motor demonstrates the power of good service to drive business growth.

  • A New Lease: David Hosking

    A New Lease: David Hosking

    CEO of Tusker

    David Hosking has been pivotal in transforming a once-ailing Tusker into the UK’s leading company in the salary sacrifice car scheme space.

  • Stefan Auerbach & Olivier Krüger

    Stefan Auerbach & Olivier Krüger

    Co-CEOs of Lufthansa Systems GmbH & Co. KG

    Data and passenger profiling are set to transform the airline industry’s margins and improve passenger experiences. Lufthansa Systems is positioning itself to be at the forefront of that change.

  • Koh Ching Hong

    Koh Ching Hong

    Chief Executive of Borneo Motors Singapore

    Once considered an ‘old man’s game’, the car industry is changing rapidly and Borneo Motors Singapore is revving up to capture its huge potential for growth. 

  • Monisha Kaltenborn

    Monisha Kaltenborn

    CEO & Team Principal of Sauber Motorsport AG

    More than just a Formula One team, Sauber Motorsport is in pole position to export world-class Swiss engineering services to the racing world and beyond.

  • We are family: Stephen Crawford

    We are family: Stephen Crawford

    Director of Col Crawford’s

    As one of Australia’s leading car dealerships celebrates 50 years of business, its owner explains the underlying reasons for its success.

  • Dr Roman Sperl

    Dr Roman Sperl

    CEO of Reiser Simulation and Training

    CEO Dr Roman Sperl shares how Reiser Simulation and Training’s efforts keep Europe’s pilots flying high at zero altitude.

  • Jaime J Bautista

    Jaime J Bautista

    President & COO of Philippine Airlines

    As a national icon, Philippine Airlines is on a mission to deliver world-class service. For President and Chief Operating Officer Jaime J Bautista, it’s a matter of pride. 

  • Justin Hocevar

    Justin Hocevar

     Managing Director of Renault Australia

    French automotive business Renault has been around for more than 100 years. Justin Hocevar wants it to achieve a sense of belonging in the Australian psyche, and so far he’s doing a pretty good job.

  • Mark Bernhard

    Mark Bernhard

    Chairman & MD of GM Holden

    Despite Holden’s strong Australian heritage, the renowned motor company is undertaking significant transformation. Discover how this Aussie icon is working to reinvent itself.

  • Ravindra Pisharody

    Ravindra Pisharody

    Executive Director of Commercial Vehicles of Tata Motors

    It’s one of India’s most well-known businesses, and since the early 60s Tata Motors has been rapidly gaining momentum on a global scale thanks to its focus on long-term relationships and technology optimisation.