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  • Front-runners: Philippe Blatter

    Front-runners: Philippe Blatter

    President & CEO of Infront Sports & Media

    To succeed at sports media powerhouse Infront, it helps to have the mindset of an endurance athlete.

  • Magic millions: JK Rowling

    Magic millions: JK Rowling

    Author of The Harry Potter Series

    All it took was a little sorcery and magic for this author to go from rags to riches. More than a decade after the end of the Harry Potter book series, we look at the inspiring self-made success story of billionaire JK Rowling. 

  • Slam dunk: Vincent ‘Chot’ Reyes

    Slam dunk: Vincent ‘Chot’ Reyes

    President of TV5 network

    Renowned basketball coach turned TV network president, Coach Vincent ‘Chot’ Reyes has had to jump through a few hoops to maintain both roles, but has scored major goals in each. 

  • The wellness warrior: Arianna Huffington

    The wellness warrior: Arianna Huffington

    CEO & Founder of Thrive Global

    Having run for governorship against Arnold Schwarzenegger, founding The Huffington Post, & launching a new health start-up, Arianna Huffington is a wellness warrior with many feathers in her cap.

  • Swimming with sharks: Steve Baxter

    Swimming with sharks: Steve Baxter

    Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of River City Labs & Shark on Shark Tank of

    From teaching himself to program in his army quarters, to becoming one of Australia’s most revered tech entrepreneurs, Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter says he’s no Richard Branson.

  • Driven by results: Wally Muhieddine & Luke Dean

    Driven by results: Wally Muhieddine & Luke Dean

    Co-founders of Advertising Advantage

    This advertising agency has turned the traditional model on its head and is seeing great success.

  • Money talks: Marlis Weidtmann

    Money talks: Marlis Weidtmann

    CEO and Managing Director of Effecten-Spiegel AG

    As a finance news publisher, public shares trader and bastion of the small shareholder, Effecten-Spiegel AG holds a mirror up to the stock market.

  • Ben Lilley

    Ben Lilley

    Chairman & CEO of McCann Australia

    Chairman and CEO Ben Lilley reveals what makes McCann Australia the most awarded creative agency in the world. Spoiler alert: It’s creativity.

  • Svetlana Zhukova

    Svetlana Zhukova

    Head of Marketing of Getty Images & iStock

    Getty Images and iStock Head of Marketing, Svetlana Zhukova, talks about culture, mission and creating big brand love with a small marketing budget.

  • Naomi Simson

    Naomi Simson

    Founder of RedBalloon

    In 2001, when buying online was considered risky, Naomi Simson invested in RedBalloon. Today, she continues to share her passion and experiences with others.

  • Felipe L Gozon

    Felipe L Gozon

    CEO & Chairman of GMA Network

    CEO of GMA Network, Felipe L Gozon explains how the leading broadcaster in the Philippines is reaching new heights on a global scale.

  • Leopoldo Gomez

    Leopoldo Gomez

    CEO of Holy Family Printing Corporation

    Leopoldo Gomez may not have had a technical background when he took over at Holy Family Printing Corporation, but he knew where to invest—in its people.