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Resources & Forestry

  • Recycling gold from garbage: Julia Maier

    Recycling gold from garbage: Julia Maier

    Joint CEO of MAIREC

    From storing scrap in their garage to recycling close to 20 tonnes of precious metals per year, joint CEOs Julia and Thomas Maier have built a business with “passion and harmony.”

  • Paper pulp supply: Lennart Eberleh

    Paper pulp supply: Lennart Eberleh

    CEO of Rottneros

    Taking the reins of a centuries-old company, CEO of Rottneros Lennart Eberleh is bringing positivity to his new position.

  • Talent acquisition: Kieron Williams

    Talent acquisition: Kieron Williams

    CEO of PG Global

    From the early days operating out of its founders’ London homes, PG Global has grown into its name: a specialist oil, gas, marine and energy recruitment firm with family at its heart and offices around the globe.

  • People power: Vinay Prakash

    People power: Vinay Prakash

    CEO of Adani Enterprises

    For a company founded on trading resources, one resource is valued higher than all others: people. For Vinay Prakash, CEO of Adani Enterprises, when his human resources are inspired, the nation benefits.

  • Karl-Henrik Sundström

    Karl-Henrik Sundström

    CEO of  Stora Enso

    With global sales topping €10 billion in 2015, renewable materials company Stora Enso is demonstrating that, when it comes to respecting the planet, nice guys finish first. 

  • Joerg Matthies

    Joerg Matthies

    CEO of Georgian Industrial Group

    Despite already being Georgia’s largest industrial holding company, Georgian Industrial Group is focused on further growth.

  • Rob Nijst

    Rob Nijst

    CEO of VTTI

    VTTI is serving the energy industry in new ways. Rob Nijst discusses how the company is putting people at the forefront.

  • Lou Sanson

    Lou Sanson

    Director-General of Department of Conservation NZ

    Lou Sanson discusses the Department of Conservation New Zealand's commitment to preserving one of the world’s most precious environments.

  • Ton Emans

    Ton Emans

    President of Plastic Recyclers Europe

    Ton Emans shares Plastic Recyclers Europe's vision for a cleaner world and how its discouraging the manufacture of new plastics.

  • Dr Walter Rohregger

    Dr Walter Rohregger

    CEO of Wittur Group

    Dr Walter Rohregger reflects on the Wittur Group's history – from a producer of swing doors for lifts, to an international supplier of elevator components.

  • Colin Day

    Colin Day

    CEO of Essentra

    In the four years since CEO Colin Day was appointed, Essentra delivered consistent annual growth while managing to establish a unified group culture.

  • Ben Twynham

    Ben Twynham

    MD of Chatoyer Environmental

    Ben Twynham reflects on the growth of Chatoyer Environmental in the past decade. In a relatively new market, the company has gone from strength to strength.