• Jodie Darlington

    Originally from the NSW Snowy Mountains, Jodie started her journalism career at The Canberra Times before moving to Sydney. She’s spent more than a decade working in magazines and is now a Staff Writer at The CEO Magazine.

  • Luke Harris

    After “retiring” upon selling his business at age 30, Luke co-founded The Property Mentors, drawing on his vast investment experience and portfolio worth over A$150 million to empower thousands of people on their own investment journeys.

  • Andrew Chesterton

    Andrew’s career in journalism has carried him halfway around the world and back again, writing for newspapers, magazines and websites in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and the UK. He enjoys it so much he’d do it for free, but would rather you don’t tell his editors that part.

  • Kristyn Haywood

    Kristyn Haywood is the Founding Director of People for Success. Kristyn is passionate about helping organisations unlock the natural talents of their entire organisaton by re-shaping their cultures and developing 21st-century leadership capability. Check-out People for Success’ Authentic Leadership Program, Team alignment workshops, and cultural transformation journeys.
    Kristyn also offers speaking engagements a variety of leadership topics.

  • Sam Shead

    “Sam is a British journalist. He has an undergraduate degree in physical geography with science communication, and a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism. Sam regularly writes news and features about the technology industry, as well as in-depth investigations. Sam’s articles have been published by The Financial Times, Forbes, Wired, and others.”

  • Marie Barbieri

    Marie Barbieri is an award-winning travel writer and photographer. She has been exploring the world for more than 25 years, and left her native England 13 years ago for the otherworldly landscapes of Australia. She adores nature, wildlife, conservation, dancing, yoga – and chocolate!

  • Sally Macmillan

    Sally is the Sun-Herald’s Cruise Director and a regular contributor to travel magazines and websites.

  • Helen Hawkes

    Helen Hawkes is one of Australia’s foremost lifestyle journalists, having been published through newspapers, magazines and digital sites in Australia and the United Kingdom.

  • Daniel Davis

    Daniel Davis is CEO of business coaching organisation EOS Australia. He has a 20+ year history of building companies, and his obsession is helping entrepreneurial organisations to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. He is the current chairman of The CEO Institute.