Business conditions and technology have changed the speed at which CEOs need to make decisions to protect and enhance the performance of their business.

In tandem with this rate of change has been an increase in the level of distraction and ‘noise’ which can lead a CEO to take their eye off the ball or at least cause a delay in making important decisions.

It is more important than ever to ensure you are doing the basics right and using a complete suite of tools that can give you that all-important edge over your competitors.

By utilising the following tools on a regular basis, you will be one step ahead of a number of your competitors and therefore be in a position to make more informed decisions.

Tool one: Strategic plan

Not to be confused with a business plan, a strategic plan is an operational tool that every CEO should carry, either on their laptop or in paper form, to regularly keep on top of key goals. Each CEO will modify this plan to suit their business, but there are some absolute must-haves.

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