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WINX Wonderland: The stress-free way to plan your Christmas work party

Do you want to make life simple but still keep it luxurious and elegant? When it comes to organizing an end-of-year corporate celebration, the solution to both is finally here.

Imagine booking your work Christmas party this month, knowing there was nothing else you needed to do until a few weeks prior to your event because it’s all organized for you?

This stress-free, luxury option is all within reach now thanks to WINX Wonderland – a pop-up, cocktail style, end-of-year Sydney celebration offered for four days and nights only in December. Delivered as an all-inclusive package, WINX Wonderland covers every detail, where room styling and furnishings, gourmet food and beverage experiences – not to mention top-tier entertainment – is meticulously planned for you.

See for yourself in the video below:


Entertainment and elegance

WINX Wonderland is an immersive event space that transports guests from an Australian summer evening to a fantastical world inspired by icy winterscapes from faraway lands. Ending the year on a high, this event will bring a sense of celebration, drama, entertainment and elegance in a way that caters to a broad audience.

Entertainment is designed to be layered throughout the evening, popping up on micro stages throughout the space and including aerialists, contortionists, statues, a DJ, sax player and a full party band performances.

Ending the year on a high, this event will bring a sense of celebration, drama, entertainment and elegance.

The styling will be powerful, backed with a bold lighting design. The expansive space will have a strong impact from the moment guests enter, with silver metallic surfaces bouncing from floor to ceiling, teamed with overhead lighting features softened with curved white and beige furnishings.

Keeping with the evolving experience, food and beverage stations pop up throughout the event, from live chef stations, a sushi train, live oyster shuckers and roving canapes. Guests will not be leaving hungry – and that includes our vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant friends.

WINX Wonderland
WINX Wonderland will boast a stunning stage

Broad audience, maximum impact

“Large-scale corporate Christmas parties are tricky to get right. You really need to create an experience which caters for a very broad audience,” says Kelly Lewis, Managing Director at Flying Ruby Events.

“Large-scale corporate Christmas parties are tricky to get right.” – Kelly Lewis

“You need to think through the finer details. Multiple diets need to be catered for in your food offering; non-alcoholic beverages are just as important as alcoholic offerings; you need to create various spaces for different engagement levels; create moments to share, create moments to entertain, create surprise and delightful moments which evolve so guests stay for the entire night. This has all been meticulously planned for you in our development phase for WINX Wonderland.”

The bar will be as luxurious as it is elegant

World-class collaboration

The event is a collaboration between the Australian Turf Club and Flying Ruby Events, the perfect relationship bringing together a world-class venue in Royal Randwick’s WINX Stand and an event management agency with over 13 years of experience in producing large-scale events in the corporate space.

“We have worked with Royal Randwick for many years and are truly excited to transform the WINX Stand into a beautifully styled and interactive end of year celebration,” Lewis says.

“The space has expansive ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows, giving us an amazing space to work in. Their food and beverage team are always pushing boundaries to offer the best solutions, and what we have created together for WINX Wonderland is truly an event your staff won’t forget.”

“This partnership is the perfect combination of creative excellence and event know-how.” – Donna Forbes

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Flying Ruby to bring the WINX Wonderland concept to life,” says Donna Forbes, Head of Commercial at the Australian Turf Club. “We’re excited to offer Sydney’s corporate industry a fresh and exciting way to celebrate the year’s successes with their teams.

“This partnership is the perfect combination of creative excellence and event know-how. We look forward to welcoming many guests into a realistic winter wonderland which will create an immersive environment for guests to experience and celebrate together. Guests will enjoy our carefully crafted food and beverage packages, created by our innovative team of chefs and complemented by a selection of premium beverages,” adds Forbes.

Winx Wonderland is a four-day pop up event, offering lunch and dinner events, catering for 800-1800 people in a cocktail-style layout. To book your event, email [email protected] or phone 1300 729 668 now so you don’t miss out.

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