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ABB Australia: Powering productivity

Global automation engineering company ABB Group generate solutions for increasing productivity in industrial, commercial, transport and utility operations.

ABB Australia

As the global economy pushes ahead, there is increasing concern about depleting the world’s natural resources and the pollution of our atmosphere. Technology company ABB Group sees a way forward, using the most up-to-date technologies to dramatically reduce global energy consumption, cut emissions and improve quality of life for all.

A fresh outlook for ABB in Australia

Earlier this year, Tauno Heinola was announced as MD of ABB in Australia. He will take over from the outgoing MD, Axel Kuhr, in October as Axel steps into the role of MD in Japan. This change in leadership of the Australian operations signals a new phase of growth. Tauno says he is interested in “building a positive fighting spirit within the organisation, after several challenging years navigating through a difficult market”.

Axel agrees that ABB Australia is in a good position to lead the way in a society which is set to be shaped by the Internet of Things, Services, and People (IoTSP). “ABB’s heritage in power and automation solutions and the innovative technologies we have developed over our 125 year history help us power the world in the most energy efficient way,” he says.

“For more than a decade we have been working to develop and enhance systems, sensors and software for the IoTSP. These technologies enable our customers to analyse their data more intelligently, optimise their operations, boost their productivity and their flexibility. This revolution allows machines to operate with greater efficiency and with lower environmental impact, not just individually, but as complete systems, working in harmony to enhance power and productivity for a better world.”

People committed to community and safety

Behind the pioneering technology and ABB’s groundbreaking environmental solutions, ABB’s Australian staff is focused on doing what is right. Getting close to customers means being accountable and doing good in the community is important to doing good business.

Helping Indigenous youth experience what it’s like to study engineering

ABB Australia engages with local Indigenous groups by sponsoring programs providing educational opportunities for young people who might otherwise not have them. Axel says that the programs ABB Australia has sponsored have been a success for everyone. He says, “ABB’s commitment to developing our Reconciliation Action Plan was not only the right thing to do for the success of our business, it was the right thing to do for the growth and prosperity of all Australians. Having meaningful engagement and making a positive contribution to the broader society, particularly when the business environment is tough, was very well received by all our employees.”

Safety always a priority

Safety is another key part of the business culture at ABB in Australia. “Authenticity is critical,” says Axel. “We developed our safety culture by investing time and money in our safety workshops, and demonstrating to our employees that we are not just talking. Business conditions were not entirely supportive when we rolled this out, but we wanted improvement in our safety culture regardless of the financial consequences,” says Axel.

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