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Hudson Homes: Built on honesty

Hudson Homes offers effective solutions for people looking to build affordable homes that don’t compromise on quality.

Hudson Homes

With housing affordability a hot topic around the world, Hudson Homes is providing solutions for Australians chasing the dream of owning their own home or building a solid investment in property.

“The housing market is quite strong,” says CEO and founder of Hudson Homes, Danny Assabgy. “We’ve seen sufficient sales and I think most builders are in a similar situation. Delays in land registration, which have occurred right across New South Wales, and the need for land developers to pre-sell the last portion of land before they can even commence construction, mean that most builders across the state have a steady supply for at least the next 18 months. We haven’t seen sales slow down significantly.”

Designing and building homes ‘made for living’

This bright outlook allows Hudson Homes to focus on its mission: to design and build quality homes for a new generation. The company strives to deliver on quality while achieving time and cost effectiveness. It’s also committed to an upfront approach, offering clients a fixed price and time frame guarantee and claiming that trust is the number one reason people choose Hudson Homes for their build.

Fixed price and time frame guarantees

Danny says, “We’re honest with people. We say to them it’s going to cost X dollars to build this home. Sometimes they will go next door to another builder who will say, ‘oh no, it’s much cheaper than that’. Then the client enters into a contract with them and before they know it they realise it’s not a fixed price contract and the project ends up costing a lot more. Sometimes being so honest works to our detriment, but we have stuck with that philosophy and we really believe that the truth will prevail. Transparency is a very important part of what we do at Hudson Homes.”

Quality suppliers key to building quality houses

For a building company that stakes its reputation on honest work and its business on referrals, committed suppliers are all-important. “We have two types of suppliers. We have suppliers that provide our products and our materials and then we have our tradespeople that put it all together,” Danny explains. “When it comes to building, they’re both as important as each other. We tend to stick with quality brand names, with a strong preference for Australian made products. We also believe it’s just as important that you find the right tradespeople to build your homes. At the end of the day, the quality of your home is determined by the quality of the tradespeople you use.”

Hudson Homes key facts

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