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Melbourne Mint: Go for gold

Peter August, founder and CEO of the Melbourne Mint, wants to help others discover the true value of precious metals.

Melbourne Mint is a leading Australian precious metals retailer where clients can buy, sell or invest in a range of precious metals products. According to Founder and CEO Peter August, precious metals, particularly gold, make solid investments because they hold their value over time. Unlike paper money, which has highs and lows, gold and other precious metals have a reputation for reliability and consistency. “The virtue of owning some gold is that it is a store of wealth that has been used since time immemorial. Gold can be attested to holding it purchasing power over a long period of time,” he explains.

The Melbourne Mint also has secure storage facilities available, in which investors can safely store their gold, silver and platinum purchases at no extra cost. The vault storage is insured, monitored and secured around the clock.

A history of coins

The company is housed in the iconic Melbourne Mint building, designed by J. J. Clark, the architect also responsible for such impressive Victorian government buildings as the Old Treasury and the Supreme Court. Built in 1872, the Renaissance Revival style structure on the corner of William and La Trobe Streets has always been a trove for precious metals. It was originally a branch of the British Royal Mint and from 1927 to 1967, all Australian coins were minted there.

As of 2015, coins became part of the Melbourne Mint’s offerings once more. Peter has a longstanding interest in collectables and numismatics, the study or collection of currency items. Melbourne Mint Coins is the numismatics arm of the company, and it has a range of historical and modern coins available for collectors to purchase, including gold and silver coins, and coins originally created at the Melbourne Mint, the Royal Mint and the Royal Australian Mint.

A gold class brand

Since reopening the Melbourne Mint in 2012, Peter has been adamant about maintaining its important heritage and continuing his business with the strong reputation of the Mint behind him. “The Melbourne Mint brand is iconic in Melbourne, which gives it an element of organic growth,” says Peter. “Both a highlight and a difficulty since founding the Melbourne Mint has been managing the brand. We are very protective of our brand.”

Peter is also passionate about gold education, which is why he has poured his 25 years of experience in precious metals and numismatics into his new book, Why Gold Matters. He has also invested in creating an interactive educational showroom at the Melbourne Mint, where investors and enthusiasts can learn more about the true value of gold and other precious metals.

Melbourne Mint key facts

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