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Spencer Travel: The sky’s no limit

Whether it’s getting a conference together, booking a business trip, an indulgent getaway, or a trip into space, Spencer Travel wants to make it a success.

Spencer Group

Penny started Spencer Travel in 1988 with a view to leverage her years of experience in travel to deliver service excellence in corporate, personal, and group travel. Since the doors first opened, Spencer Travel has enjoyed remarkable growth, won a host of industry awards, and developed longstanding relationships with partners across the globe.

“At the end of the day, the client relies on us to offer them the best product. We have to know what the best product is, and to do that we have to have those key relationships in place. We have a lot of preferred relationships with suppliers, hoteliers, and airlines and we work very hard on those relationships,” Penny says.

Celebrating successes with a strong team

As the Spencer Travel diamond club will tell you — employees receive a 1 carat diamond after 10 years’ service — it’s a passionate business to work for. Spencer Travel’s staff is made up of travel specialists, administrative staff, and its management team. MD and Founder, Penny Spencer, says there’s always something for the team to celebrate.
“We like everybody to be enthusiastic and to celebrate everything in this office; a birthday, a first anniversary, if you’ve been working with us for 10 or 20 years, or when we get a new account. We celebrate everything and we are enthusiastic about everything we are working on,” she says.

Corporate travel services that go above and beyond

Spencer Travel delivers its award-winning service to corporate clients by getting to know their business and working together to deliver results.

“Communication is key,” Penny says. “Being open and transparent not only within the company but also with your peers, clients, and suppliers. We are always very open and honest with doing business. We are transparent with our transactions with our clients around our fees and what we charge. We don’t try to hide anything.”

Group travel expertise

The Spencer Travel Group has more than 30 years’ experience in group travel. They are able to deliver conferences, meetings, and events locally and internationally, and have relationships with suppliers that mean they are easily able to meet group requirements within budget.

Providing personal experiences

Catering for personal travel as well, the well-travelled staff at Spencer Travel are able to create individual experiences across the globe.

“We have a very experienced staff; most of our staff have been in the industry for 20 plus years. They travel extensively, so we have staff that will say ‘I’ve stayed at that hotel and the bedspread is bright pink’. We are able to retain staff because they have a real passion for the travel and they remember everything they go and see. That’s great for the clients because obviously our staff are experts and they know what they are talking about,” says Penny.

Space – the next frontier

Penny is thrilled to be one of very few Virgin Galactic accredited space agents and is looking forward to a new era of space tourism. She says, “We’ve been an accredited space agent for the last 4 years and we’ve sold tickets to space so we can’t wait to get our first client out there.”

Spencer Travel key facts

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