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Swisse Wellness: A good dose of happiness

The team at Swisse want to ensure people are able to ‘Celebrate Life Every Day’, so it relies on serious science to protect our greatest asset — health.


Swisse Wellness has a diverse product range spanning vitamins, sports nutrition, and skincare, which are sold in stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Swisse is the number one natural health brand and number one online brand in China, with plans to launch in 20 countries by 2020.

Its mission to spread health and happiness is important to Swisse because the company’s philosophy is that good health and wellbeing should extend beyond individuals. Swisse believes these concepts should encompass our wider communities and the world we live in.

Providing new health and wellness options backed by science

To better people’s lives through expert nutrition and complementary medicine, Swisse collaborates with a panel of world-class academics, scientists, and clinicians. The innovative research and development conducted by its Scientific Advisory Panel informs the direction Swisse takes relating to specific health affairs, emerging science, and new ingredients.

These insights also shape the development of new products and formulations, which are tested for efficacy through rigorous clinical trials.

Radek Sali, CEO at Swisse, says the company strives to stay ahead in everything it does.

“Why not do everything we can to get the best out of our lives and take away this burden on healthcare by having just a fix-it approach? Why don’t you have the combination of proactive measures as well as a fix-it measure?” he asks. “We believe in both, and that the combination of both will get the best health outcomes. We want to invest more in science and make sure that we make Australia a hub for research in this area, as it is for many other areas of science globally,” he says.

Keys to health and happiness from people who ‘Celebrate Life Every Day’

The staff at Swisse are passionate about their mission to help people protect and grow their most important assets: health and happiness. Written on Swisse office walls, its mantra of ‘Celebrate Life Every Day’ holds real meaning for the people who work there.

Director of People and Culture Catherine Crowley says, “We place our people at Swisse as our number one priority. In turn, the rest of our goals — including financial reward — will be achieved.”

Sali agrees that people come before profit at Swisse. “If we don’t deliver on our basic values as an organisation, we are not really living up to our brand position,” he says. “You are not going to be very happy in the mind if you haven’t got a very happy workplace. That’s why culture is so important to us.”

With an onsite gym and a monthly product allowance to keep staff happy and healthy — a phrase used so often at Swisse that staff have shortened it by saying ‘H&H’ — Swisse was named one of BRW’s Top 25 Best Places to Work in 2015.

Swisse Wellness key facts

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