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Team Anderson Property: A marriage of ideas

Husband and wife team Paul and Julie Anderson are leveraging their complementary skills and local love for Australia’s Sunshine Coast to build a business.

Team Anderson Property Group

If past performance is the best factor on which to base predictions of future performance, brand new residential real estate business, Team Anderson Property Group, is set to shine brightly. Based on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, this business venture from husband and wife Paul and Julie Anderson combines complementary skills and experience, diverse ideas, a proven ability to work together and a shared passion for the coastal lifestyle.

Community-minded real estate agents

Working as a volunteer lifesaver, business owner, a licenced estate agent and construction professional, Paul has lived locally for more than 30 years. He believes his unique background gives him a depth of knowledge about the Sunshine Coast that benefits both home buyers and sellers alike. “We are a husband and wife team that wants to set new benchmarks in the way property is bought and sold on the coast,” says Paul.

A member of the Executive Committee of the Kawana Chamber of Commerce, Paul is a community-minded businessman with an engineering background in subdivisional development, council liaison and contracting. He says his experience, together with Julie’s, is invaluable to their new project. “My background in engineering helps me, being viewed as an expert in developer’s eyes. Along with our sales expertise, Julie and I can provide an overall picture and talk the talk with developers.”

Unique skills and experience to benefit buyers and sellers

Speaking of his wife, Julie, Paul is confident that an intimate understanding of their own differences is something that will create a point of difference for Team Anderson Property.  “We have worked together all our married lives and feel we have a lot to offer the marketplace,” he says. “Our agency will be different, because we are different. We have different opinions, tastes and styles and we feel we can cover all the bases when dealing with buyers and sellers.”

Being no stranger to business ownership, Paul is aware that building the right team to support the common vision behind Team Anderson Property will be a key challenge — one they must overcome to accomplish what they have set out to do. “Getting the required education, mentors and guidance has been the biggest challenge,” he says, adding that he and Julie have learnt that nurturing the right culture within their business, through leading by example, has been integral to success. “We want to be, do and say things differently, break the mould of the traditional real estate agent who is only there to make a quick sale at any cost. Julie and I regard our communication and negotiation skills as one of our best assets. We talk to our clients and listen to their needs to create better outcomes for everyone.”

New outlook for Sunshine Coast property

While they are laying the all-important foundations of their business right now, the long-term goal is to set a new standard within the industry. Paul says, “We strive to not just be mediocre real estate agents but be innovative real estate agents and become industry leaders.”

Team Anderson Property key facts

  • Company name: Team Anderson Property Group
  • Founders: Paul and Julie Anderson
  • Number of employees: 2
  • Industry: Property & Real Estate

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