As the Philippines grows and embraces innovation, one company is dedicated to driving significant change in the property sector.

A firm that is as staunch about integrity as it is about expansion, AppleOne Properties is professionally managed by seasoned executives. Led by President and CEO Ray Manigsaca, AppleOne is providing solutions to a market crying out for help.

AppleOne is as versatile as it is progressive

To understand how AppleOne approaches business in 2017, one must first know where it has come from. Starting as a construction company specialising in roads and bridges, AppleOne then expanded into the residential housing sector.

In 2015, it consolidated its related core business interests in hotel operations, property development and real estate sales. The AppleOne business model is geared toward satisfying customers. And to bring the most value to them, it’s engaged in building everything from condominiums to residential estates, to hotels and dormitories.

Ray Manigsaca CEO of AppleOne

Ray and his team were responsible for building the AppleOne Equicom Tower in Cebu – one of the city’s most notable landmarks, which has acted as a flagship for the company’s building expertise. It demonstrated that AppleOne was as versatile as it was progressive.

Another key project has been AppleOne Banawa Heights – a grandiose residential development that was inspired by San Francisco Bay Area’s Pacific Heights. Through a diligent planning process and an eye to the future, AppleOne was able to unveil the 2.8-hectare site in Cebu, which is set to feature three residential concepts: the Mansionettes, the Villas, and the Towers.

Ray Manigsaca takes the brand to number one

Ray isn’t alone in his pursuit of perfection in the housing industry. He has his wife, Venus, by his side, a trained engineer who sits as the company’s chair. “Our teamwork proved formidable when it came time to scale up our business,” Ray says. “I come from a sales and marketing background so I am able to clearly visualise the future of our business. I try to set the direction of where I think it should be heading. Venus then turns these visions into real, tangible results. As I dream, she creates,” Ray said.

Today, the AppleOne brand has a solid foothold on the sector and is considered a market leader in the Philippines. For Ray, the name of the brand says it all. “We make a point that AppleOne must always be first – number one – in providing building solutions,” he says. “These must be innovative and trusted. Most importantly, we strive to bring value to our buyers. We make sure our corporate culture always reflects the discipline and integrity that our customers have come to expect from us.”

Underneath Ray’s ambitious approach and strong business values is a genuine love for the city of Cebu. The prosperous port capital is one of the Philippines’ most developed economic areas. Ray wants to shape the city, making it a destination for locals and tourists alike. “Cebu is progressively becoming one of Asia’s boom cities,” Ray says. “We want to make Cebu the best option for investors outside of Manila. We are intrinsically linked with the city. As Cebu grows, AppleOne grows.”

“Our employees are the cornerstone of our business.”

But this dream won’t come without its fair share of challenges, and Ray has already had to navigate the company through some murky waters. However, through smart planning and the application of a successful business model, Ray says the obstacles are becoming few and far between. “The market is losing good people to employers abroad,” Ray says.

“Supply of skilled and technically savvy people can be an issue. In the past, we’ve found that we have trained people and equipped them with essential knowledge and skills, only to lose them to employment overseas. As a result, we have become institutional trainers of solid workers. We aim to keep them happy, promote those who are deserving, and strive to create better employment packages than our competitors to retain them.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our business. The different talents they possess and their commitment to quality and results is essential to helping us sail smoothly toward achieving my vision.

“Our employees are the cornerstone of our business. The different talents they possess and their commitment to quality and results is essential to helping us sail smoothly toward achieving our vision. We’re also attracting people from outside the business to help with think tanks and planning. However, as the peace and order situation in our area becomes a concern, in the interest of stability we always put our investments in growth areas where we are familiar with the conditions.”

On the cutting edge of residential real estate in Asia

Despite the challenges, AppleOne is on the cutting edge of residential real estate in Asia. Ray and his team pride themselves on dynamic innovation, both in product and service. It was the first of its kind to offer clustered units in Cebu, giving customers unparalleled security and privacy. The success of this project then led to its foray into the commercial space.

More recently, the company has teamed up with luxury hotel brand Sheraton to work on a large-scale project that is expected to be finished within the next 18 months. “Our focus is on completing this project,” Ray says.

“It will be a new leisure destination for Asia. Having said that, we haven’t forgotten about our residential commitments. As we speak, we are preparing our foray into the affordable housing sector.” Because of Ray’s overarching commitment to quality, innovation and progress, AppleOne is a major player affecting change on the real estate sector in the Philippines.