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  • Meeting needs: Amanda Hagan

    Meeting needs: Amanda Hagan

    CEO, Healthcare & Group Executive, Digital of Australian Unity

    Amanda Hagan believes that the future of addressing unmet community needs lies in the integration and digitisation of Australian Unity’s services.

  • Dreams by design: Yeo Siew Haip 

    Dreams by design: Yeo Siew Haip 

    CEO of SAA Architects

    Enriching the lives of its employees is proving a successful strategy for Singapore firm SAA Architects.

  • Sole survivor: Colin Temple

    Sole survivor: Colin Temple

    Managing Director of schuh

    Colin Temple believes the key to his success is being ‘lazy’, ‘useless’ and even ‘incompetent’. Intrigued? You should be. 

  • Tasting success: Nadia Chauhan 

    Tasting success: Nadia Chauhan 

    Managing Director  of Parle Agro

    From a little girl following her father around the office to following in his footsteps and becoming the company boss, Nadia Chauhan has an insatiable appetite for India’s most iconic food and beverage company.

  • Michael Zacka

    Michael Zacka

    Cluster VP of SEA and Oceania of Tetra Pak

    A pioneering name in the global food and beverage processing and packaging industry for over 6 decades, Tetra Pak remains resolutely true to its European roots: a multibillion-dollar business led by innovation and a social conscience.   

  • Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    Driving technology: Aaron Baxter 

    CEO of Custom Fleet

    Technology may be responsible for Custom Fleet’s core product being in less demand, but CEO Aaron Baxter is using it to create an even bigger market.

  • Kieron Williams

    Kieron Williams

    CEO of PG Global

    From the early days operating out of its founders’ London homes, PG Global has grown into its name: a specialist oil, gas, marine and energy recruitment firm with family at its heart and offices around the globe.

  • The beauty king: KK Chua

    The beauty king: KK Chua

    President Asia–Pacific of Mary Kay Cosmetics

    KK Chua traded Hollywood scripts for lipsticks when he joined Mary Kay Cosmetics. But it’s a decision that, 22 years on, continues to be validated every single day.

  • All that glitters: Mark Bristow

    All that glitters: Mark Bristow

    CEO of Randgold Resources

    Long-serving Randgold Resources CEO Mark Bristow shares why the always-profitable mining company is worth its weight in gold.

  • Bright ideas: Paul Martin

    Bright ideas: Paul Martin

    GM, EMEA of Concurrent

    With a long list of novel technologies in its pipeline, Paul Martin is excited to be driving the expansion of global software and solutions company Concurrent.

  • Clearly Kuoni: Zubin Karkaria

    Clearly Kuoni: Zubin Karkaria

    CEO of Kuoni Group

    Although only a few believed in, and supported, his idea in 2001, Zubin Karkaria’s perseverance turned his proposal into the number one outsourcing and technology services specialist in the world.

  • The return of the family: Stefan Messer

    The return of the family: Stefan Messer

    CEO of Messer Group

    After years under different ownership, the Messer family is back to being the proud sole owners of Messer Group. CEO Stefan Messer shares how a long-term view and restructure has been the key to the gas company’s renewed success.