• No news is not good news

    In our 24/7 world it’s hard for older adults to work out what is actually news, so how can we expect our social media-saturated teens to discern what is important and what isn’t?

  • Weird sounds from the music industry

    The music business is a global juggernaut and will never stop, but is the absence of ‘good music’ to blame for the industry’s demise?

  • Time is all we have

    Reflections on a fading tattoo Shane Cubis saw on some bloke’s forearm.

  • Steve Pinker

    What’s the good in business?

    A new book by a noted psychologist makes the case that commerce is not only efficient but highly moral. That case should be made more.

  • Miss America 2018

    Bikini power banned

    So, after nearly a century, women competing in the Miss America pageant will no longer be allowed to strut their stuff in bikinis. Nup. “Not empowering!” “Not inclusive!” Shriek the women who don’t wear bikinis.

  • Timely solutions for schools

    Our kids can’t tell the time unless it’s in digital format. It’s just too hard. We need to do away with analog clocks, and a host of other that might challenge the future business leaders.

  • Old computers are an archaeological goldmine

    Old computers are an archaeological goldmine

    Wanna see what you were obsessed with or worried about in the past? Delve into those old computers you have lying around.

  • Big banks run away from modern marketing’s big idea

    The Australian banks’ retreat from wealth management signals that cross-selling and targeted marketing may be far less powerful than is often claimed.

  • Knowing when to chip and chase

    Sometimes you gotta manage the micro, even if you’re not a micromanager.