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The CEO Magazine is more than a premier business title: we are a source of information, inspiration and motivation for the world’s most successful leaders, executives, investors and entrepreneurs.

An iconic, global media brand, we inspire and promote excellence within the business world.

Through our four editorial cornerstones – Inspire, Innovate, Invest and Indulge – we delve deeper into both the professional and personal lives of business leaders, exploring the lifestyle interests and pursuits of this affluent audience.

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Four business magazines

The CEO Magazine’s headquarters are in Sydney, Australia with regional offices in Stockholm, Singapore and the Philippines. We have tailored editions for four geographic regions:

  • The CEO Magazine Australia & New Zealand
  • The CEO Magazine EMEA
  • The CEO Magazine Asia
  • The CEO Magazine India & South Asia

  • Each edition features our iconic Executive Interviews section, which profiles some of the world’s most accomplished leaders and CEOs such as Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson and Gina Rinehart.

    Executive of the Year Awards

    The CEO Magazine’s prestigious Executive of the Year Awards are held annually in Australia. Hundreds of executives from highly respected and innovative brands attend the black-tie event to celebrate the amazing talent that exists in corporate Australia.

    • Chris Dutton

      Chris Dutton

      Co-Founder & CEO

      When I’m not cooking at home or with my daughter, I’m thinking about food or my daughter.

    • Anna Dutton

      Anna Dutton

      Co-founder and Executive Director

      I am passionate about good food and wine, and enjoy dancing around my living room with my daughter.

    • Daniel Di Loreto

      Daniel Di Loreto

      Managing Director

      I may be a Managing Director, but at heart I’m an adventurous, Led Zeppelin-loving creative.

    • Steve Summers

      Steve Summers

      Head of Media and Sales - Australia and New Zealand

      In my former life, I was a musician—I still have luscious long hair to prove it. In my downtime I enjoy going bush and exploring nature.

    • Skye Hoklas

      Skye Hoklas

      Assistant Editor

      I enjoy long walks on the beach, singing along to Triple J, binge-watching Netflix shows, and taco Tuesdays. I’m also rather accident-prone.

    • Caitlin Bertinshaw

      Caitlin Bertinshaw

      Art Direction & Design

      I’m a lover of all things design—art is a smile of the heart; design is a smile of the mind.

    • Teddy Alexander

      Teddy Alexander

      General Manager - EMEA

      In my downtime I manage to sandwich my love for sport and the outdoors between my treasured family time.

    • Neal Gregory

      Neal Gregory

      Senior Media & Communications Manager - Europe

      I love exploring my new hometown of Sweden and spending any free windows of time travelling the world.

    • Laura Redmond

      Laura Redmond

      Regional Manager - EMEA

      I’m always up for an adventure and am a self-professed party animal! I enjoy good food and wine, cooking, travelling and watching movies.

    • Jamie Palmer

      Jamie Palmer

      Media & Communications Manager - Europe

      I’m a born-to-be-wild sporting fanatic who enjoys working on all different projects—after all, I am an entrepreneur!

    • David Jepson

      David Jepson

      General Manager - Asia

      I’m a bit of a sporting enthusiast—I particularly enjoy football and skiing. My other passions include travelling and of course styling my hair.

    • Karen Gunn

      Karen Gunn

      Senior Media & Communications Manager - ANZ

      I relish in a good movie or TV show, enjoy travel, and am a self-professed lover of cats.

    • Maria Lawrence

      Maria Lawrence

      Senior Media & Communications Manager - ANZ

      Family and friends are my everything. I enjoy getting away for the weekend, and spending quality time with quality people.

    • Natalie Charalambous

      Natalie Charalambous

      Media & Communications Manager - Europe

      I have a serious case of the travel bug, and enjoy busting a move on the dance floor. I also love spending quality time with friends and family.

    • Andrea Maria

      Andrea Maria

      Media & Communications Manager - Europe

      I’m passionate and open-minded about all of the challenges that life throws my way – no matter how difficult they seem at the time.

    • Mark Hornby

      Mark Hornby

      IT Administrator - Europe

      When I’m not spending time with my family in the real world, I’m exploring the many facets of the digital world.

    • Viktorija Jocyte

      Viktorija Jocyte

      Finance Manager - Europe

      I love exploring new places and trying new things, especially while travelling. I also enjoy reading, jogging, yoga, and pilates.