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Angela Lockwood

Angela Lockwood is an occupational therapist whose retreats, corporate education programs and keynotes help organisations, schools and individuals prioritise their health and wellbeing. She is is the author of Switch Off: How to find calm in a noisy world (Wiley) and The Power of Conscious Choice.

Angela Lockwood

Angela Lockwood is an Occupational Therapist whose boundless energy sees her equally at ease working with children as standing in front of a packed audience delivering a keynote. Through living life at full-speed, Angela has learned first-hand the power of ‘switching off’, allowing her to overcome seemingly impossible challenges and achieve success in life, love and career.

As a star hockey player during her school years, Angela had her sights set on the Sydney Olympics. However, after fracturing her skull during a game – an injury that would have stopped most in their tracks – her experiences learning to talk again and re-think her approach to life inspired her to change her path to occupational therapy, propelling her into a career that she was made for.

With a desire to help children have the best start in life, Angela is one of the most respected pediatric occupational therapists in Australia and abroad. Her knack for creating success has allowed her to become the go-to person for industries including government, schools, universities, hospitals, emergency services, health and wellbeing providers, banks, real estate institutes, not-for-profits and media outlets, and to fulfill roles such as CEO, keynote speaker, author, health and fitness instructor, trainer, motivator, mum and wife.

After the success of her first book The Power of Conscious Choice, a publication aimed at helping people to simplify the way they make decisions, she launched The Place for Health, an online hub that aims to educate health professionals and caregivers on how to prioritise their own mental and physical wellbeing. She also works with individuals and organisations, hosts retreat events and conducts programs in schools to help people continue to live the life they choose with the energy needed to get them there.

Practicing as she preaches, Angela lives on the beautiful coastline of Northern New South Wales with her husband and two gorgeous children. She spends as much time as possible with her feet in the sand and takes the time to look up and around, forever thankful.


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