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David Hand

David Hand is founder of Newport Consulting, an operational management company. His successful career in operational improvement consulting spans 20 years.

David Hand

David Hand founded Newport Consulting in 2002, which specialises in operational management, business analysis and project management. They are based in Sydney with global outreach in numerous countries.

David’s vision is to add real value to an organisation’s business performance through operational excellence. He has worked on approximately 40 operational improvement projects with leading Australian, New Zealand and international companies.

A key part of David Hand’s work has been delivering sustained business outcomes and ensuring alignment between strategic objectives and operational improvements.

Newport Consulting

Founded in 2002, Newport Consulting is an Australia-based operational management company, with capabilities in New Zealand, South-East Asia and South Africa. They have also worked extensively in Europe, North America and South America.

Newport Consulting develops tailored improvement programs to suit their client’s needs, and their aim is to create sustainable operational improvement, rather than incremental improvements.

Newport Consulting provides long-term business strategies through implementation plans, general account management, reporting, regular re-assessment of tactics and staff training opportunities.

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