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Dr Gemma Munro

Dr Gemma Munro is the CEO of Inkling Women, an award-winning Australian business with the mission of inspiring women to lead.

Photo of Dr Gemma Munro

Award-winning business leader, Dr Gemma Munro, is the founder and CEO of Inkling Women, Australia’s leading training and development organisation for women leaders. She has worked with some of the country’s top CEOs and executive teams to reduce the gender gap in their organisations, and has inspired tens of thousands of women to create extraordinary lives and careers.

Gemma is one of Australia’s most sought-after facilitators, writers and speakers on the topics of gender equity and women’s leadership development. She specialises in helping women to move past limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and embrace discomfort, risk and exposure. She is also expert in helping organisations to understand and break through gender equity barriers to create cultures in which both men and women can thrive.

Inkling Women offers free training videos for current and aspiring female leaders at

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