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Tanya Harris 

Tanya Harris is the CEO and Founder of ICOM4, an international management consulting firm.

Tanya brings with her over two decades of performance analysis experience. She has a strong track record of successfully managing business performance through workforce monitored initiatives. Prior to relocating to Australia, Tanya was based in London, UK, representing Mercury Communications formally Telephone Rentals, as Head of the Time Management Division. They supported the manufacturing industry in improving the efficiencies and performance levels of their workforce, by identifying critical success factors that impacted on production and profits.

Key success factors include improving efficiencies, leadership development, performance psychology and performance evaluation. Tanya is the current Chair at the American Chamber of Commerce, Women In Leadership Division and continues to see the value of diversity in the workplace and is a strong supporter of the development and promotion of diversity in leadership. Tanya holds a Degree in Human Resource Performance Psychology, 6 year Study at the School of Philosophy, Diploma in Cognitive Thinking and is currently studying Entrepreneurship.

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