“Aside from a common habit of men to choose other men among equals, I sincerely think that women generally have poor self-confidence, without reason.

We need to convince women that they are as good as men and therefore should demand space.

Don’t be too quiet or humble, believe in yourself; you are good enough and you should go for the positions you deserve.

Always remember how many men of average talent have reached good positions.

When it comes to promoting women in business, I try to be a good example – if I can do it, then there are so many more who can make it too.

I have actively promoted women in Collector. The management group consists of a majority of women, and so does the Board of Directors.

It is an advantage to be able to find and choose talented people among 100 per cent of the population, instead of only half. I have also found that mixed groups function much better and achieve much better results.

My own experience is that women tend to take a more holistic perspective and to show more emotional intelligence than most men.

Since we split parental leave in Sweden, giving birth and taking care of babies is no longer a valid stumbling block on the path to gender diversity.

Furthermore, we can expect to work much longer in the future, so a few years with a stronger family focus from both genders is nothing compared to the expected working period of 40–50 years.”