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Alan O’Hara

Photo of Alan O’Hara

Sigma Pharmaceuticals is a leading national full-line community service obligation (CSO) distributor and wholesaler to community pharmacy. As the owner of the Amcal Max, Amcal, Guardian and Pharmacy Advance brands, Sigma is also Australia’s largest pharmacy-led network.

The CSO agreement between the Australian Government and full-line pharmaceutical wholesalers ensures Australians have affordable, reliable and timely access to medicines irrespective of where they live. As a CSO distributor, Sigma makes it possible to deliver more than 6,000 medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme across vast distances within 24 hours of order cut-off time. It is a critical part of the Australian healthcare landscape.

Sigma delivers right across Australia, including to customers in remote locations such as Christmas Island, Thursday Island and Cape York.

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