Nigel Lange, Chief Executive of Sirtex’s European division, is based in Bonn, Germany, where he directs sales and marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The region is comprised of 20 countries where the company distributes its lead product, SIR-Spheres® (yttrium-90 resin microspheres), to doctors and patients through both wholly-owned sales companies and local distributors.

Nigel has a strong background in the healthcare sector, particularly within the pharmaceutical industry. He recently sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss his history with the organisation, his plans for the future, and the revolutionary technology Sirtex offers to patients throughout the world.

“Essentially I’ve been involved in healthcare since I graduated from university. I hold two university degrees; one is a Bachelor of Commerce and the other is a Bachelor of Arts. I spent close to two decades in the pharmaceutical industry, but made the transition to medical devices in 1999.  I’ve been involved for almost 13 years with Sirtex’s unique technology, which enables interventional radiologists that we train to deliver millions of potent radioactive microspheres directly to the site of liver tumours. I launched this technology in the US, and following that, I moved to Europe and launched it there at the end of 2003. All of my experience is in medical sales and marketing. I was working in the Asia-Pacific region for six years for a Canadian pharmaceutical company, managing our business in the Far East, prior to becoming involved with this remarkable approach to treating liver cancer that Sirtex has pioneered.”