Switzerland’s property market is in a state of flux, according to Wincasa CEO Oliver Hofmann. Residential rents have plateaued, retail revenues are in decline, and the demand for office space is at the mercy of outsourcing and offshoring.

These aren’t easy times for those with skin in the real estate game. But even with an array of challenges presenting themselves, Oliver feels that he and his team are poised to overcome them.

Oliver Hofmann bring years of experience to Wincasa

Oliver joined Wincasa – part of the Swiss Prime Site group – in January 2013, and says it was then that the first signs of market saturation appeared. Coupled with this, large international advisory and investment firms had cemented themselves as part of the status quo. To thrive in this climate, adaptation was involuntary.

Oliver explains: “Wincasa – and other real estate providers – as property managers had to convert into integrated property service providers with more than ‘just’ operational services. Further to that, landlords started to outsource several services, and digitisation became important as well. Our role was to transform Wincasa from a well-organised national player to a firm that could compete with international companies in a saturated environment, and also extend our services.” This lofty goal, of course, did not come to fruition overnight.