Since the discovery of how to conduct and utilise electricity in the 1800s, it has become essential to our daily lives and is impossible to live without in this modern age. It’s such a part of our day-to-day living that it is easy to forget the complexities of running and maintaining a network that the country relies on to function.

TransGrid is the owner and operator of New South Wales’ high-voltage electricity network. CEO Peter McIntyre is well aware of the importance of his job, and of the responsibility that rests on the company’s shoulders. “We deliver a service day in and day out for the people of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory,” Peter says. “The fact that we may not be a traditionally well-known organisation reflects the fact that we perform exceptionally well day in, day out delivering our core services.”

TransGrid owns and transmits electricity through more than 12,000 kilometres of power lines, with a network that stretches from the New South Wales Central Coast, inland to Broken Hill, and down through the Australian Capital Territory to the Snowy Mountains. Owning such a large network, and with the responsibility of providing such a vital service to more than three million homes and businesses, comes with certain challenges for TransGrid, however.