A dislike of cramped spaces meant Egyptology was a ‘No’ for Barry. He fell upon author and travel writer instead, with 12 books and too many far-off places a salve for a misspent youth.

Who inspires you? My children.
Favourite app? SkyView Lite. Being able to identify distant stars puts life in perspective.
First proper job? Clerical. Briefly.
Favourite website? http://www.chess.com
Best habit? Eating cereal before bedtime.
Crime you’d commit if you could get away with it? Stealing a Picasso and keeping it in my living room.
Word you overuse? “Seriously?”
Superpower of choice? Using the Time Stone from The Avengers for time travel.
Signature dance move? Stepping on feet of partner and those about us.
Never fails to make you laugh? Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais.