With a languages degree under her belt, Beth Wallace chose not to pursue a diplomatic career, but instead reverted to her English-speaking roots on the Melbourne publishing scene, where she now freelances as a writer and editor.

Describe yourself in three words? Bibliophile, cinephile, logophile.
Last good book, podcast or film? Little Women. I’ve watched every adaptation many (many) times.
What was your dream job as a child? World-famous ice skater.
What would you tell your younger self? Don’t bother wearing heels.
When do your best ideas come? Lying awake at night, in the shower… the usual places.
The bravest thing you’ve ever done? Diving off 10-metre boards? Sledding down a dormant volcano? None of those are particularly daring, so perhaps I’m not brave at all.
Dream car or job or holiday? I’d love to spend a few months travelling around South America. I still regret not making it there as a backpacker.