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Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy is the Founder of Virtual Executive, a new category of business consulting. She is an accomplished CEO, innovative and strategic leadership expert, professional speaker and author.

Caroline Kennedy

Caroline Kennedy is an experienced CEO, professional speaker, podcaster and author. She has led companies with annual revenues from $55 million to more than $200 million. With over 20 years of expertise spanning across the corporate and private industry, she has a track record of achieving transformational change; shaping and setting strategy across operations, finance, sales, marketing, IT and HR. Caroline has built a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost experts on business. Both awards and media coverage commend her work: The Telstra Business Women’s Awards have acknowledged Caroline twice for her achievements in business.

Caroline brings a strong background in strategic leadership. Assisting businesses in defining and reaching their goals, her strength is achieving transformational change through innovation, and driving a strong vision and strategy to deliver outcomes for businesses in a variety of industries.
As a speaker and writer, Caroline is different because of her fresh, straight-talking delivery. These days, Caroline is also known as ‘The Honest CEO’; her podcast The Honest CEO Show is well subscribed. 

Caroline’s book The Power of Wow! Why Thank You Makes Dollars & Sense, shares a 7-step method to help businesses increase sales, retain staff and have clients rave about them.

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