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Clarence Goh

Clarence Goh is Assistant Professor of Accounting (Practice) and Director (Professional Development) at Singapore Management University. He holds a PhD in Accounting from Nanyang Technological University, and is also a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Chartered Accountant of Singapore.

Clarence Goh

Favourite app? 

Uber – it’s a life saver in Singapore where cars are so expensive

First proper job?

I started off as a graduate trainee at Deutsche Bank in Singapore

Favourite website? – I can’t afford most of the watches featured on the website but I sure like reading about them

Crime you’d commit if you could get away with it?

I’d take money from the richest people in the world and give it to the poor – the world could do with some redistribution of wealth

Best habit? 

Waking up early to hit the gym 3 times a week before work – I find that those sessions really set me up for the rest of the day

Phrase you overuse the most?

“That’s great!”  

Superpower of choice?

To read people’s minds – I’d love to be able to know what goes through the minds of great business leaders and how they actually see things.

Signature dance move? 

None – I can’t dance at all!

Never fails to make you laugh?

Modern Family. It always makes me laugh.

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