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Craig Tansley

Craig Tansley is a Gold Coast-based travel writer who spends too much time on planes each year. He’s been travelling for 16 years and has been to over 60 countries, writing for publications from Copenhagen to Jakarta. This is his first feature for The CEO Magazine.

What is your favourite App?
Shazaam – I nearly go insane if I can’t find out the name of a song I like.

What was your first proper job?
Arranging fruit and vegetables at a store in Byron Bay as a 12-year-old. I learnt more about perishable food than I’d care to remember.

What is your favourite website? I’m a surfing tragic from way back, so I have to know what’s happening on the world pro surfing tour at all times.

What crime would you commit if you could get away with it?
Embezzlement – call me Robin Hood if you like, but surely big companies wouldn’t mind sharing some of their wealth with lowly writers?

What’s your best habit?
Waking up early – it’s the best time of the day and I hate missing dawn.

What’s the phrase or word you overuse the most?
Wow – even after all these years of professional travel I still can’t get over the beauty of each place I go to. It’s true, I slip out at least five wows a day.

What super-power would you like and why?
To fly – but like an eagle, not a seagull. I’d love to be able to ride the thermals, I’ve spent enough time in the sky on hang gliders and paragliding to know it’d be more fun using your arms.

What’s your signature dance move?
I’d like to say it’s something sexy, but any photo ever taken indicates it’s hunching my back over while I clap my hands.

What never fails to make you laugh?
Seinfeld – other shows come and go but is there any other TV show you can watch 50 times and still giggle like an idiot every time you see an episode?

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