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Dan Price

With over 15 years’ experience in IT, Dan Price is a firm believer in the power of applying technology to provide insights and drive operational improvement.

Photo of Dan Price

Dan Price has over 15 years’ experience working in the IT industry and is a specialist in the development and provision of business analytics solutions. During his diverse career, he has developed significant experience working in the telecommunications, financial services, public, and education sectors. Dan’s expertise has seen him invited to the USA and Samoa, where he has applied his insights to provide solutions for international organisations.

Currently, Dan leads and manages the Business Analytics practice for QuantumIT, an Australian based IT consulting and software business with significant Australian and international clients, and growing subsidiaries in the UK and USA. Dan heads up a team committed to providing end-to-end services within the business analytics domain including strategy, solution architecture, and implementation services. In his role, Dan provides strategic advice and counsel on business analytics solutions.

Prior to his role with QuantumIT, Dan worked with other IT consultancies and large Australian companies across various IT functions. Dan is a firm believer in the power of applying technology creatively to drive business operational improvement and provide greater management insight.

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