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Emily McAuliffe

Emily McAuliffe is an Australian travel writer and copywriter based in Portugal whose work has featured in high-profile publications such as Lonely Planet and Women’s Health.

Favourite App?  Memrise, to help me scrub up on my Portuguese.

First proper job? Swimming coach.

Favourite website? Any that helps me find a good flight deal.

Crime you’d commit if you could get away with it? Hold Bill Murray hostage until he tells me what he whispered to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation.

Best habit? Never leaving dirty dishes for tomorrow.

Word you overuse the most? “Yeah.”

Superpower of choice? The ability to teleport so I could nip back to Australia for the weekend.

Signature dance move? Nothing can beat the sequential moves of the Nutbush.

Never fails to make you laugh? Baby goats jumping. If you’ve never Googled it you should do it right now.

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