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Emma Grogan

Emma is a National Partner in PwC’s People and Organisation practice specialising in performance & remuneration.

Emma Grogan

Emma has a Masters of Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University and has approximately 20 years consulting experience focussed on how organisations utilise pay and performance management to motivate, engage, attract and retain employees. She has been a Partner since 2012. Prior to joining PwC, Emma worked with Mercer, during which she spent a number of years in the US.

In particular, Emma focuses on helping organisations best utilise their remuneration programs to affect behavioural change, and align the interests of employees, employer, shareholder, customer, and community.

Emma is passionate about simplifying reward solutions to maximise motivational impact, and only using reward and performance programs that support better and ethical customer outcomes. She is a Board remuneration advisor to a number of ASX150 companies, and also works directly with management in an advisory capacity, particularly as it relates to frontline incentives. Emma regularly blogs about remuneration issues on her Linkedin page.

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