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Jed Simms

Jed Simms is the founder of Totally Optimized Projects (TOP), a company that uses investment strategy to deliver business value for the least cost.

Photo of Jed Simms

Born in Britain, Jed Simms has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East and Australasia. His career has been defined by innovation – introducing the first real time systems into ITT in Europe (1970s), office automation into Australia (1980s), business-based IT strategy (1990s) and business strategy value delivery (2000s).

Formerly Asia-Pacific Regional IT Strategist for The Boston Consulting Group, Jed Simms has experience leading worldwide research into the drivers and destroyers of value in strategic and operational projects. It is this research that underpins the Value Delivery Capability model that Jed has developed for TOP.

Jed also has experience as Head of Strategy, Organization and Planning for the State Bank of Victoria, where he was accountable for all projects and improvements across the bank. It was in this role that Jed first identified the need to fix the orthodox strategy and project delivery approaches utilised across most organisations.

The resultant TOP tools, techniques and processes have been developed and tested over 21 years. TOP solves the problem of failing projects, compromised strategies and poor investment returns.

Jed is the author of over 30 books and his blog, published since 1997, has been translated into six languages.

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