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Lisa Pagotto

With her mother finding out she was pregnant whilst travelling through Egypt, Lisa had caught the travel bug before she was even born. Lisa has lived and breathed the travel industry since 2003.

Lisa Pagotto

Excelling in all facets of the industry from product development, price contracting and negotiations, heading up several sales, marketing and strategic teams across Asia Pacific as well as creating and establishing a touring brand for another company.

The time naturally came when Lisa was ready to create her own brand, built around her unique style of travel. Lisa’s genre of travel is focused on the more unique, remote, lesser known and untouched destinations as well as looking for fresh ways to explore old haunts.

Adventure and experiential travel is close to Lisa’s heart as she believes to truly experience a destination, you must be completely immersed in it and live like the locals do.

Lisa has created an eco-system for travellers to have real experiences – enriching you, at your own pace without created a ‘manufactured experience’.

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