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Margot Andersen

As a global careers and leadership expert, Margot Andersen works with business leaders and their teams to build career agility and high performance.

Margot Andersen

Margot Andersen is the owner and principal consultant of talentinsight Australia, a management consultancy specialising in the optimisation of careers, performance and business workforce planning solutions.

She is also the founder of Insync Network Group, a rapidly expanding network that supports returning expats and their spouses to purposefully reconnect and confidently manage their journey ‘home’.

Committed to ensuring that both individuals and organisations alike are well equipped to handle the ever-changing landscape of today’s globalised workplace, she believes that we need to take a fresh look at how we manage our careers and workforce planning solutions in order to future proof our success.

Margot works with business leaders to create practical frameworks and ways of working that support the movement of people globally, nationally and organisationally. Assisting leaders to effectively leverage the capability and experience of their people; and individuals to confidently and nimbly adapt to changing business needs she designs and delivers programs that drive career ownership and agility; leadership excellence and cross functional ways of working.

She is also a sought after speaker and writes regularly for her own blog and leading global online and print publications. Margot and her team provide coaching, training and talent advisory services to align careers with talents; and ambitions with opportunities.

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