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Maria Bellissimo-Magrin

Offering the perfect blend of design, PR & social media, Maria Bellissimo-Magrin loves creating and implementing ideas that get results.

Attitude isn’t everything. But it sure helps. Maria Bellissimo-Magrin certainly wouldn’t have become the CEO of a full-service creative marketing agency without it. While you’ll never hear her claiming to be a creative genius, with such a fantastic team at Belgrin backing her, it doesn’t take long for her clients to start throwing this term around.

That’s the power of good marketing.

She started out in the industry 15 years ago and was quickly head hunted by Saatchi & Saatchi. In that time, she’s worked in Sydney, England and Bahrain. For the last 8 years she’s been at the helm of Belgrin — working to combine her vision and the firm’s class to create something greater and more meaningful than its parts. She’s done so well because she offers the perfect blend of design, PR and social media. Her aim? To make marketing easy, so you can spend your time on more important stuff.

Including Jones Lang LaSalle, GPT Group, Bingo Industries, Mercedes and Ford, her client list certainly attests to her success. She enjoys providing answers and delivering on these, offering a support network for a company’s creative marketing requirements, and working with passionate clients who want to create something special. But what she truly loves is that gleam in a client’s eyes that tells her she’s exceeded their wildest expectations.

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