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Nigel Lake

Nigel Lake is the joint CEO of global advisory firm Pottinger and an entrepreneur with a passion for diversity, innovation, environment, and action.

Photo of Nigel Lake

Nigel Lake is part investment banker, part strategic advisor, part sustainability expert and part entrepreneur. Founder and joint CEO of Pottinger, he has lived and worked in most of the world’s top thirty economies and across all major industry sectors. Nigel has advised hundreds of billions of dollars of mergers and acquisitions transactions and a wide range of strategic advisory assignments. He has also witnessed the decision-making processes of many of the world’s largest companies from the inside.

Nigel graduated with a Masters degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, where he studied physical sciences as well as the history and philosophy of science. From an early age he’s had a fascination with how things work, and a passionate belief that, with the right perspective, there is (nearly) always a more insightful alternative to conventional wisdom. He writes ‘FlashPoint’, a monthly column in The CEO Magazine and is also a regular commentator on CNBC, ABC’s ‘The Business’ and other leading business programmes.

Nigel has recently published The Long Term Starts Tomorrow.

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