Pamela Hackett is a dynamic global business leader who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. She’s a change maker and always ahead of the curve when it comes to business.

With more than 30 years of management consulting experience under her belt, Pam is a world-class leader who has worked in all corners of the globe – from Asia to the US, to Europe, South Africa and Australia.

In her management consulting career, Pamela has partnered with more than 150 leading organizations spanning most major industries (mining, insurance, manufacturing, financial services, retail, oil & gas, etc) and across more than 35 countries.

For most of her working life, Pamela has worked for management consultancy, Proudfoot – one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated consulting companies. She has worked in all areas of the business – from change management to leading business units, to country management positions and more recently as global CEO.

Appointed in 2017 as CEO, Pamela was the natural choice as the next global leader for the company for her unrivalled passion and dedication to the company’s heritage, its values, true belief in the value it delivers companies worldwide, and the important role the company plays in the future of business.

As part of this and as a visionary, Pamela has developed a clear future direction and pathway for the company that builds on its history, but with the digital future in mind – and people are at the very centre of this.

Pamela is a people practitioner and change management expert who is extremely passionate about the power of people and the role people play in any organisation. She is enthusiastic about ongoing learning, growth and development and is a regular contributor and thought leader in areas including change management, leadership, transformation, cultural change, people management, productivity, innovation and global business.