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Sharon Swift

Sharon Swift is a relocations specialist, expat commentator and number one Amazon best-selling author of So, you’re moving to Australia?

Sharon Swift

Founder of and The Expat Concierge, Sharon Swift is a relocation expert, international speaker, and bestselling author.

Sharon works with businesses to relocate their staff smoothly and efficiently, helping them to maximise their relocation investment and retain valued talent.

As a veteran expat, Sharon’s firsthand experience of 18 international moves and experience living in 14 countries is her greatest asset. Her philosophy is to involve the whole family in the relocation process.

Sharon approaches relocation differently; believing that spouse involvement, social support, and incorporating elements of surprise are essential for companies to truly connect with their employees at a time of great personal upheaval.

Sharon is Author of #1 Amazon bestseller So, you’re moving to Australia?, and is a leading commentator on expat life; from its challenges, triumphs, through to its impact on career, life, family and friendships.

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