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Do you have an ongoing personal growth plan?

Without a personal growth plan, busy people are unlikely to change and will either repeat the past or react to circumstances.

Do you have an ongoing personal growth plan?

Personal growth does not just happen. Change happens. But not all change is growth. Smart people work hard to choose at least some of the change in their world. To be a leader in today’s business world you cannot be a responder.

Responders are shaped by the forces around them. They can feel like a victim or out of control as change overtakes them. Leaders look ahead and see what might be happening in their industry and in other areas of interest. They make sure they are learning what it takes not just to keep up but to lead.

Following a well-crafted and regularly updated personal growth plan enables you to be a leader not just a responder.

Everyone needs a ‘whole of life’ personal growth plan

Some pursue growth in their industry. They love to be ahead of the curve with new technology and the latest trends. They are committed to the growth journey to be an industry leader or to advance their career path. This will involve reading, courses, degrees, conferences, etc.

Others realise they also need to grow in areas of character and personal discipline. This is the challenge to deal with possible self-sabotage tendencies that undermine performance and relationships.

E.g. Learning to deal with anger and frustration when things become pressured; developing resilience to cope with setbacks; or strategies to resourcefully wind down after an adrenaline-charged week with less alcohol, more exercise and earlier nights; or establishing healthy sleep, eating and exercise routines.

The things that undermine business or career success are much more likely to come from neglected issues in your personal life, than from a business-related source. Hence the need for a personal growth plan that embraces the whole of your life.

A commitment to lifelong learning is good for your health

If you pursue growth in the things you can control it will make a huge difference to your confidence and your ability to lead through change that is often bewildering and out of your control. It is fascinating how the human brain works.

If we are making progress in one area of our lives, e.g. personal fitness, there is a flow on effect into other parts of our lives. We feel better when we are creating positive change that is working for us. We feel more in control.

A mentor will help you implement a personal growth plan

A mentor helps you in 3 ways: to identify blind spots, create appropriate plans, and accountability to execute a plan.

We only know what we know. A blind spot is something we cannot see about ourselves. Checking in regularly with a mentor who comes to know you well, is a great way to create and maximise an appropriate personal growth plan for you. A mentor helps you know yourself better. They will help you identify your blind spots and set up personal growth plans to assist you develop the strengths you need to be successful across your life.

A mentor also helps you stay accountable. It is easy when you are busy to avoid those things that are non-essential to the bottom line, especially if they take you out of your comfort zone. Learning new things is always a stretch.

Carving out time to focus your energy on yourself each week starts with healthy self-respect. No-one else will notice if you do or you don’t execute your plan. Just like a personal trainer makes you work harder in the gym than you would on your own, so a mentor keeps you accountable to your personal growth plans.

Without a personal growth plan there is no guarantee that you will grow this year. What is your personal growth plan?

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