Do you remember anything you learned in class at school? Most people answer that question with a confident no. However, if I asked you to tell me something important you learned outside of class, you would inevitably remember an adventurous story that led to learning a lifelong lesson you still remember today. So what makes you forget everything you learned in the classroom, yet easily remember a life lesson outside of the classroom? It’s the way you learned these lessons.

The problem with traditional learning

At school, we are taught various subjects, but no-one teaches you how to actually learn anything.

For those of us who have gone on to university, the problem deepens as we continue to consume isolated bits of knowledge for the purpose of passing an exam. This is why we rarely retain anything we learned in a traditional classroom environment.

Instead of passing exams, in the real world our knowledge and skills go towards achieving very different outcomes.

The problem is that many of us are still learning the same way we did at school and using techniques designed for a completely different outcome.

As a busy CEO, you need to learn new things very quickly to implement them or explain them to others. The goal with accelerated learning is not to memorise new pieces of knowledge, but rather to understand concepts on a deeper level and use them as required. So with that in mind, let me share with you my three best accelerated learning techniques for getting results quickly.

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