As digital transformation shifts services online, your online audience is becoming increasingly valuable, and the challenge of customer engagement through digital channels is increasing. At the same time, online video has undergone its own transformation, and is likely unrecognisable to any CEO for whom YouTube is their video strategy.

Developments in video technology have transformed the medium into an interactive, decision-tree driven format. Interactive video has become a catch all for any streaming media that the viewer can participate in. This includes clickable images or text in the video, searchable video dialogue, or online Q&As during live broadcasts.

Video interactivity is proven to increase audience participation and is the most effective method to increase audience engagement, and convert that engagement into meaningful action, such as purchasing, sending feedback, or participating in online trials.

In step with these changes, video has evolved beyond a component of a social media strategy to a central role in effective digital communication and digital transformation. In this new paradigm, CEOs need to rethink their online communications strategy to ensure it supports their digital transformation agenda, provides a better platform for online users, and connects more meaningfully with audiences to deliver digital services.

Improved digital service delivery

Integrating videos into online communication or service portals has been shown to dramatically enhance the usability of those portals. Subsequently, video reduces instances of frustrated users turning away from your site and to media like Google, YouTube or a contact centre in order to complete a task or find an answer.

  • Contextually relevant video integrated into core digital channels supports transactional online services and enhances digital service delivery
  • Interactive video makes it possible for individuals to ‘choose their own adventure’ through clickable video content, chapters and searchable video captions
  • Progressive organisations are leveraging cloud based software and infrastructure solutions to integrate video with existing applications. This minimises their IT investment and maximises their user experience

Enhanced user experience

  • Increasingly sophisticated digital marketing has made capturing and retaining social audiences more challenging, with less than 1% of YouTube viewers clicking through to the channel owner website
  • More engaging, interactive video formats are replacing the passive viewing model, providing a far more rewarding experience for the viewer and the opportunity for companies to both provide and derive value from their audiences.

Uplift stakeholder engagement

Video streaming is transforming stakeholder engagement; enabling organisations to connect more meaningfully and cost-effectively with audiences globally.

  • Live video is a highly compelling format, and combined with real-time interaction it provides an ability to significantly extend the reach and impact of corporate messaging
  • Deeper understanding of how content is consumed–and how your audience interacts with it–is driving more effective messaging. Data analytics provides insights beyond the traditional ‘number of plays’ metric to determine success at an individual engagement level.