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Think pets. Think innovation. Think IKEA.

IKEA’s latest range of dog and cat products has been created by pet-loving designers, approved by trained vets and can be seamlessly integrated into the home.

IKEA's new range for pets

The ubiquitous Scandinavian retailer has done it again. The Lurvig – meaning ‘hairy’ or ‘shaggy’ in Swedish – collection features a range of products aimed at creating a home environment you and your pet can enjoy together. These animal accoutrements include dog beds and bowls, a cat-scratch mat for table legs, a tree house-like cat hideaway, a stylish pet travel bag and more.

It all began when Valencia-based designer Inma Bermudéz identified a gap in the market for reasonably priced yet aesthetically pleasing pet products. Working alongside vet and IKEA Product Risk Assessment Leader Barbara Schäfer, the pair made sure to anticipate and accommodate all behaviour types and habits in the 62-piece collection.

“It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviours – like how they sleep, eat or play – as a starting point,” Imna told design blog Dezeen. “Dogs will definitely chew on their toys and bring in dirt from their daily walks. Cats will definitely scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable materials are very important.’

Imna’s favourite piece is the ‘friendly-smelling bed’, with a cushion designed to be filled with the owner’s old clothes, towels or blankets. This is closely followed by the inventive slow-feed bowl, designed with an elevated centre to ensure that your dog can’t gulp down his food in two bites, reducing the risk of stomach problems.

IKEA a leader in innovation

IKEA innovates with its core mission in mind – to improve the lives of people by offering appealing products at a low price, while maintaining good quality. It draws inspiration from top management to internal innovation experts, as well as global contributors from the worlds of art, design and technology – creating an unstoppable innovation powerhouse.

The Lurvig range features items designed to integrate into the IKEA products you might already have at home. Fully aware of a feline’s penchant for hopping into shelves, IKEA has designed a cosy sleeping insert that sides directly into your Kallax shelving unit. It has also released a mini version of the Klippan and fold-out Solsta sofas, so your pet can sit comfortably alongside you without shedding hair all over your couch.

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“It is quite important for IKEA to have a pet range that fits into our normal furniture range,” said Barbara during an interview with Fortune. “As a pet owner I can say, so far, the normal pet products are quite ugly.”

The rest of the collection includes reflective collars and leads, a play tunnel and a brush, as well as a colourful range of poo bags and a litter shovel for those unsavoury moments every pet owner can relate to.

IKEA’s thoughtfulness and interest in its customers buying habits – not to mention the wacky project names – is what makes it a world leader in business innovation and compelling marketing, even after 70 years in the industry.

Consumers spend big on pets

As is the IKEA way, all products are wallet-friendly, never totalling more than US$59.99. This market placement is ideal, with recent reports showing consumers spend record amounts of money on four-legged family members.

Global sales of pet products and services in 2016 reached US$103.5bn (£77.9bn); a 4.7% increase over 2015 – a growth rate that surpasses that of many consumer packaged-goods industries.

Lurvig launched in five countries – US, Japan, France, Canada and Portugal – in October 2017, with the UK soon to follow in early 2018.

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