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All the essential tech gadgets to boost productivity while working from home

The perfect Zoom meeting could be all down to the camera you use.

best tech gadgets

Much of the world’s population has been forced to work from home as millions of frontline workers continue to tackle coronavirus. As comfortable as remote working may be, limited access to appropriate tools and tech gadgets can hinder productivity.

From finding the perfect camera to choosing the best mouse, tech gadget options are seemingly endless.

Whether you are a working-from-home expert or are still struggling to find your place, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools to help you succeed during your home office experience.


Apple AirPods

Price: A$215 via Amazon
Benefit: Wireless headphones

There is a reason Apple AirPods have reportedly become the company’s bestselling product since their launch in 2016.

Not only are they lightweight, space-saving tech gems, but they also offer audio quality unlike any other wireless Bluetooth earbuds, making for a perfect addition to any video-conference call.

Best tech gadgets

Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone

Price: A$226.71 via Amazon
Benefit: Wireless microphone and speaker

If you’re stuck on hours-long conference calls every day, then the Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone changes the way you make calls.

With six microphones, enhanced voice pick-up, 24-hour call time, Bluetooth 5 and USB-C, the conference speaker is compatible with leading platforms – saving you the pain of having to hold a phone to your ear for hours on end.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Amazon


Microsoft LifeCam Studio

Price: A$110 via Officeworks
Benefit: Ideal for corporate meetings

If you’re participating in video conference calls daily, or even weekly, then it may be time to consider using a webcam.

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is suitable for corporate meetings, as it provides a better image than the in-built cameras of desktops or laptops. With a quality camera, you won’t need to apply the Zoom ‘touch up my appearance’ filter.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Officeworks

Logitech StreamCam

Price: A$229.95 via Logitech
Benefit: Perfect for content creation

We all know quality content is key, so what better way to produce TV-worthy videos than with Logitech’s StreamCam.

Compatible with Windows and Mac, the camera boasts pristine image quality, dual front-facing microphones and versatile mounting options with USB-C connectivity.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Logitech

Kogan LED Ring Light

Price: A$49.99 via Dick Smith
Benefit: Flawless video quality

Take those video calls up a level with studio-quality lightening with the Kogan 8-inch LED Ring Light.

Whether you have to present to a team during a video call or are being interviewed for a television program, the LED Ring Light will provide the best lighting for a professional video.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Dick Smith

Tech gadgets and accessories

LAPOD Lap Desk

Price: A$159 via Objct
Benefit: Work from anywhere

Anyone working from home is well versed on the benefits of setting up a study area rather than using your couch, but some days the comfort of your sofa is hard to ignore.

Feel that little bit more professional with a LAPOD Lap Desk. Inside the felt pod, you can store your important office supplies while the lid provides a stable laminated bamboo platform from which to work.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Objct

Kogan Gaming Monitor

Price: A$469 via Kogan
Benefit: Productivity made easy

It can be tiring having to stare at a small laptop screen for eight-hour days, not to mention difficult to be productive when working across several documents and spreadsheets.

A monitor is the easiest quick fix for your home office. The Kogan 29-inch Curved Ultrawide FreeSync Gaming Monitor is built with a premium Samsung panel while providing high resolution and fast response. It also minimises eye fatigue.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Kogan

Google Nest Hub

Price: A$199 via Google
Benefit: Daily planner

Whether you have to juggle homeschooling while you work, or you have endless hours of meetings and priorities, the Google Nest Hub can be the perfect desk buddy for keeping tasks organised.

From receiving the latest news from your favourite sources and listening to inspiring business podcasts to controlling the lights in your home, there isn’t much the hub can’t do – making it one of the best tech gadgets around.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Google

Increasing comfort

HyperX Wrist Rest

Price: A$60.33 via Amazon
Benefit: Cooling gel, memory foam and anti-slip

Avoid the perils of working at a computer all day with an ergonomically designed wrist pad that sits alongside a keyboard.

The HyperX Wrist Rest is rated one of the best thanks to its cool gel memory foam, anti-slip grip, durable construction and design to fit full-sized keyboards.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Amazon

SOHO Ribbed Management Chair

Price: US$235 via Laura
Benefit: Comfortable yet stylish

Perhaps one of the most contemporary home office chairs, the SOHO Ribbed Management Chair by Laura Davidson not only looks the part but will also ensure your working days are full of comfort.

Boasting washable leatherette and a height range from 17–21 inches, it’s suitable for all at-home professionals.

Best tech gadgets
Image: Laura Davidson Direct

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