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Thuraya creates critical communication systems for those who need to stay connected

The Thuraya PTT solution has been developed in collaboration with Cobham SATCOM, to help users manage communications seamlessly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

Thuraya PTT

As the mobility arm of the UAE’s flagship satellite operator Yahsat, Thuraya has developed some of the most iconic and innovative communication solutions, such as the world’s first touch satellite smartphone, Thuraya X5-Touch, the most advanced satellite phone, Thuraya XT-PRO and the first satellite smartphone adapter, Thuraya SatSleeve. A few weeks before it won Mobile Satellite Users Association’s (MSUA) Innovation Award 2022 for ESG Impact Innovation, Thuraya unveiled its Push-to-Talk (PTT) solution that allows users to manage closed user group conversations on different communication lines.

Around the world, public entities and private user groups such as police, fire brigades, military, ambulances, utilities and NGOs need dedicated and reliable communication systems to carry out their day-to-day operations – safely, securely and efficiently. The Thuraya PTT solution has been developed in collaboration with Cobham SATCOM, to help users manage communications seamlessly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

Thuraya PTT keeps mobile workforces connected and extends the range of voice communications beyond line-of-sight (BLOS), regardless of where the workgroups are based. In addition to streamlining communications efficiently, PTT enhances privacy, workforce productivity and collaboration Users need not make multiple calls to coordinate with a group, even in areas outside the coverage of cellular wireless networks.

Uninterrupted voice and data communications in real time

Combining the technological expertise of Cobham SATCOM with the rich market experience of Thuraya, Thuraya PTT creates a robust, reliable and secure communications platform that enables users to reach out to an active work group at a push of a button. It consists of an IP-based radio communications solution that supports satellite/3G/LTE/LAN backhaul and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) integration to provide seamless switching between available networks in any situation.

Easy to use, secure and interoperable on land and at sea

Very often in remote areas, critical users struggle with a lack of reliable connections, when they urgently need to communicate across countries and continents. Thuraya’s Push-To-Talk service helps mobile workforces overcome this challenge, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Thuraya PTT is very easy to use and guarantees secure interoperability among multiple users on land and at sea. It manages communications from multiple devices and locations, creating an integrated, coherent and easy-to-access network. Users can quickly establish a single remote headquarters to handle all their communications on one dedicated network, underpinned by Thuraya’s broadband terminals and satellite network along with the Explorer Mobile Gateway from Cobham SATCOM.

Thuraya’s broadband terminals are the ultimate data solutions that are flexible, portable, easy to install and reliable. Designed and manufactured by trusted names in the satellite industry, these advanced solutions are very easy to operate at the click of a button.

Thuraya’s PTT service enables users to benefit from the large satellite footprint, which covers more than 150 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Thuraya’s reliable satellite network helps users enjoy uninterrupted connectivity when they are in the most challenging environments and remote locations, beyond the reach of terrestrial networks.

A solution that exceeds user expectations

Thuraya PTT extends the legacy push-to-talk capabilities to hybrid data networks such as terrestrial cellular networks, which are supplemented by Thuraya’s satellite coverage in areas lacking cellular connectivity. The PTT calls are made through the Push-To-Talk handset which comes with Explorer Mobile Gateway, connected to either a Thuraya satellite broadband terminal and/or to a donor radio network.

Without any user intervention, the Thuraya PTT solution automatically routes voice traffic over the least expensive and most reliable network available, resulting in significant cost savings. It is supported by Thuraya’s PRISM portal, where the entire configuration of the Mobile Gateway is done. The portal’s features include provisioning the Gateway, creating user groups, assigning the terminals to different groups, tracking, voice recording and more.

Each PTT call consumes less than 10 kilobits per second when talking/listening. For a one-minute call approximately 67 kilobits will be consumed. The average time of a PTT call will be six to eight seconds per talk. Any radio can be connected; this does not have to be certified by Cobham. The only requirement is that a 4-wire/E&M integration should be possible with the radio. Audio-levels and more can be adjusted on the PRISM portal.

Communicational benefits

  • Increased coverage with amalgamation of legacy 2-way Radio, cellular and Thuraya satellite network
  • Interoperability among different groups with simple integration of their existing radio – analog, DMR, P25, UHF, VHT and Tetra with satcom connectivity
  • Reduces expensive terrestrial infrastructure costs
  • Compatibility with a wide range of brands of land mobile radios
  • Uninterrupted and seamless switching between satellite, cellular and LAN, ensuring zero loss of connectivity
  • Limited bandwidth needed for each PTT call
  • Availability at all time for critical communication
  • 256-bit AES voice encryption
  • Delivers real-time data
  • Competitive pricing

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