There are lots of things IT teams must do to support and enable business success in the digital world. But what’s most important? Running things?, changing things?, proving new things will work?, designing things? or keeping things aligned and connected?

We often end up going with a simple answer, dividing things into 2 camps:

  • Mode 1: Slow and steady vs Mode 2: Fast and furious.
  • Run vs Change.
  • IT vs the Business.

In the digital world, which demands a huge rate of constant change, simple dichotomies are not sufficient.

We need a much more integral, dynamic, networked way of thinking that recognises:

  • All parts of the IT value network are critically important.
  • Each part has an impact on every other part, and the network as a whole.
  • In order to optimise the network, give and take is needed between all parts, along multiple dimensions of time, resources, value, risk and cost.
  • The IT organisation will be on a continuous transformation journey, in tandem with the rest of the business (and in some cases way out in front).
  • IT is an integral part of the business and the business is an integral part of our IT capability.

We need to move from a stovepipe view of IT as a complex departmental jungle to a system view of IT as an integrated value network.