Unless we collaborate, the lack of female leaders now will drastically affect the pipeline of female leaders for tomorrow. There will be no funnelling of talent, no monitoring or active sponsoring of younger women. The senior female leaders simply won’t be there to see these things put in place.

The lost investment in talent—in smart, savvy, knowledgeable, and strong women who are able to make a difference and ensure that equality is kept—is astonishing; and, yet, organisations are willing to let this happen and incur the cost to re-recruit versus retain. The reduction in the effectiveness of collaborative business is also clear, with the ‘female voice’ being lost, and key characteristics and strengths disappearing from the process.

The disappearing female leader means a management team devoid of perspective.

Decision-making is one-dimensional. Discussions around innovation, new product development, marketing, and consumer-engagement strategies become gender silos.

The reality is this: the infamous glass ceiling is still firmly in place, and unless we all collectively engage and take action, it is never going to develop more than a few cracks.

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